Holiday Date Ideas for People Who Hate Cute Date Ideas

Holiday Date Ideas for People Who Hate Cute Date Ideas

Holiday Date Ideas for People Who Hate Cute Date Ideas 

It’s that wonderful time of year again when there’s a popup market on every street corner, every weekend. And don’t get me wrong, I love those markets. I’m usually a vendor at those markets. But let’s be honest, it’s not always the greatest date idea, especially since it usually starts with your boyfriend cursing the parking lot and the lack of spots available. That’s then followed by you wanting to look at all the cute things and your boyfriend walking 10 feet behind you starring at his shoes. By the end of it you’re both hot and tired from walking around in your jacket, making for a bitter car ride home.


Then there’s things like the Toronto Christmas Market. Again, don’t get me wrong, this place looks beautiful. My boyfriend and I even bought tickets to go to it when we were in Toronto… but at the last minute, we decided not to. Why? Well first and foremost: THE CROWDS. The caveat with the Toronto Christmas Market is that it’s so busy because it’s so beautiful and cute. And no, I am not speaking from experience; I’m speaking from the horror stories that I’ve heard from people who have waited two-plus hours to get a photo in front of the giant heart. I’ll say that again: TWO HOURS IN LINE FOR A PHOTO. I wouldn’t even wait in that line myself, let alone make my *very impatient* boyfriend stand there and wait. Do you know how many back massages it would take me to repay that favour? Not worth it. I’m sure the rest of the attractions at the market are great and I do hope to go one day, but I just do not have the patience for it right now.


So, what the hell do you do when you want to have fun Christmas-y dates but want to STEER CLEAR of crowds? Well, below is a list of some of our (yes, my boyfriend included) favourite holiday date ideas:


Walk To The Park

Why not take a walk to your local city park? They’re usually decked out with pretty lights and cool decorations. In Waterloo, there’s the Wonders of Winter lights festival, where a whole walking trail is lit up with different artsy decor. Uptown Waterloo is also a stone’s throw away, so this is usually followed by a cocktail at a bar.


Paint The Town Red

I got this idea from Pinterest years ago and I love it. Before I explain what it is, I will add a disclaimer: predrinking/bringing some boozy hot chocolate or eggnog with you will make this wayyy more fun. Anyways, buy some squeeze bottles and food colouring from the dollar store, fill them up with water and draw funny shit in the snow *followed by taking photos for the gram*. This shit is fun.


How to Make Snow Paint on Pinterest



Have A Gingerbread House Making Contest

This is for those couples who are competitive af. Have a gingerbread house making contest and run it Food Network competition style. Setting a time limit and rules will only make it more intense and hilarious when you try to sabotage each other. Text or snap photos of the end results to a few of friends for judging. Loser takes a shot.


Binge Watch Christmas Movies

This is obvious. Just add some drinks, edibles and a pizza into the mix and you’re golden. If you're looking for some movie inspo check out our blog post on the 9 Must-Watch Holiday Movies.


Bar Hop Together

Toss on some ugly sweaters and go get fucked up together somewhere. It’s a real hoot. If you want to turn it into a drinking game. Count how many times each person gets a compliment on their sweater. Every time one person does, the other person finished their drink. Both of you get complimented together? Down the hatch, bitches. Couples you wake up hungover together stay together.


To conclude: just add alcohol.

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