13 Memes That Describe Exactly How Quarantine Is Actually Going

13 Memes That Describe Exactly How Quarantine Is Actually Going

1. Me getting all dressed up just to stay at home all day

Me getting all dressed up to go to the couch quarantine meme

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2. Roses are red, April is grey, the next time you leave your house.... it's gonna be May! And guess what?! Probably not even then!!! 😭

It's Gonna Be May Meme Justin Timberlake

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3. When you can't tell if your chest tightness and difficulty breathing are due to anxiety or the coronavirus

The Simpsons quarantine meme

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4. Me putting my phone on charge at night just so I can scroll though the same 3 apps the next day

Bob's burgers phone quarantine meme

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5. Turns out my top 3 hobbies are: 1) restaurants 2) bars 3) non-essential businesses

Quarantine meme my hobbies



6.  Really hope this self quarantine ends before I run out of drawers to organize and I actually have to start feeling my feelings

Quarantine meme feel my feelings 


7. Pro-tip for couples suddenly working from home together: get yourselves an imaginary coworker to blame things on.

Quarantine meme for couples working from home


8. I don't have kids but as a teacher, I feel this. Homeschooling your kids at 8am vs 8:05am

Tiger King homeschooling quarantine meme

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9. Me spying on my neighbours to see if they adhere to lockdown rules while gorging on pizza and wine. *Sees people walking outside out of the corner of my eye* *Stands up, points and shouts "that's not social distancing!!!"* *takes another sip*

Cat starring out the window during quarantine meme

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10. I just had to say to myself, "no this is not the virus. You drank two bottles of wine last night." Again, I feel this... way to often.


11. "I bet there will be flying cars in the future." 2020: Hold my beer.

Pirates quarantine meme

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12. Throwback! I haven't seen a virus like this since since LimeWire destroyed my computer in 2005. Shoutout to my friend, Jon, who had to throw out his family's desktop after downloading some ~questionable~ content and then proceeded to successfully convince them all that they threw the computer out weeks earlier.

LimeWire quarantine meme

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13. Introverts waiting for quarantine to be over so people can leave the house and they can be alone again... This. Is. Me.

Quarantine meme

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